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songs about Kyle

by Frankie goes on a walk

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an album written and recorded over the span of almost one full year!
i hope you listen with perspective and then leave me alone when you're done listening


released March 17, 2017

thank you to the group of people who i considered my close friends - even family - for the majority of the past two years; thank you to those who, after i chose to change things, stuck around to hear me out. thank you to ariel, avery, haley, emmarae, ben, will, megan, and kathleen for the long discussions about what i should or should not do, the phonecalls at midnight full of tears and confusion, and always making me feel like i wasn't totally stupid. i love you, and i want you to know that i am happy.

special thanks to ian postley and sarah roy for the album art! shit is bomb, i highly recommend them for art of any kind. check them out on ig @ianpostley @gardenblood

lastly, and most importantly, to kyle: you completely changed my life, and i'll continue to tell you every day for as long as i'm alive. over the course of the summer, i experienced a range of emotions i'd never felt before in my life - small things, like eating and sleeping, were made difficult because of the amount of love you gave me, so unconditionally and always forgiving--the best way to be in a situation like mine. thank you, thank you, i love you, thank you. i love you.



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gabbo Baltimore, Maryland


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Track Name: been dreaming
white skies, yellow trees
something vague about lasting the winter
you can't buy much gas with fifteen bucks these days
too many splinters
you told me
"don't blame love on your body"
i don't even belong to my body anymore
i'm sorry
let's go hide in the biggest bathtub we can find
and it's gotta be close to the ground
(or closer to the ground than we would be if we hid over there)
that spot is just a little bit higher
it's too high
and everyone else is too
(they're all) too high
it makes me so uncomfortable
that's why i only spend time with you
i don't like all these condescending jokes about suicide
"well they're not jokes haha" don't fucking joke about suicide
too high
Track Name: Boycrush
already thinking about the ways that we could meet
i don't even know you, i only just saw you walking down the street
i noticed your texting, but you weren't looking at the screen
i try not to stare but i notice you when you notice me
he doesn't know me
does he think i'm pretty ?
move so slowly
aaaaaaa - boy crush!
sipping your coffee, your lips so smooth as you closed your eyes
you looked so warm and it smelled so sweet, i could almost cry
listening to music, you like the same music i listen to
could it be that we're meant to be? if you only knew
he doesn't know me
does he think i'm pretty
move so slowly
aaaaaaa - boy crush!
he doesn't know me
does he think i'm pretty ?
move so slowly
aaaaaaa !
Track Name: Graduation party
talking to you calms me down
sometimes i just get so angry with myself
when you thought that you'd lost Sarge
i followed you into the cold and rainy dark
you didn't actually lose Sarge
just hold my hand
Track Name: songs about Kyle, part 1
Rip my fucking heart out, Kyle
mario party in the dark
fake leather seats in your car
so much comfortable noise
i love these boys
it's been over a year since feeling slow
i feel it but don't let him know
later we'll talk about it
i want you to talk about it
it's all coming back to me now
as i fall asleep
ben made me feel weird with words
now everyone around me burns
i just wanna read your letter
that would make me feel better
i just wanna love you again
i don't wanna leave
i just wanna hold your hand
Track Name: songs about Kyle, part 2
my body hates me
my legs are so itchy
and i've never been so sure about anybody else in my life
baby is going to bed
i let thoughts fall out of my head
is my face red?
sit with your hands on the stairs
there's probably bugs in my hair
but you don't care
i've got chills all over my body
(each time you) each time you touch me
i've got chills, i can hear you breath
(each time you) each time you touch me
i just wanna hold your hand
can't tell if you're listening
i just wanna love you again
it was terrible timing
Track Name: miles above Earth
i have so many people that are watching my life
so many people watching over my mind
and it's crazy
they all want to comfort me
the first decision was a waste of our time
please don't ignore me when i tell you i tried
it took so long
for me to drop my dreams
ooo oo o oo o.
the way i feel him is like nothing on Earth
but it is "so not true of my character"
i feel i've floated 50 miles above Earth
and no one's ever made me So Fucking Sure
Track Name: Dorm Song
sometimes, you grow through someone
sometimes, you grow from someone
sometimes, you grow into someone
sometimes, when i think about him
my chest feels heavy
and sometimes, i find old pictures
and i get real sweaty

and i'm not entirely sure why
because i'm so in love with Kyle
but all our memories feel way too Soft and Warm
i guess i just get real sad here in my dorm

sometimes, when i breathe too hard
the air's too cold and it hurts my head
at least he's only 20 minutes away
i'd rather him be at arms reach instead
i wanna cut off all my hair next summer
like starting fresh, close to the city
i've been so in awe of how i'm growing
in retrospect, i'm not as pretty

and i'm not entirely sure why
because i probably look alright
but i'm so focused on the way he feels, so Warm
i guess i just spend too much time here in my dorm